Monday, September 30, 2013

Report on Project Ekhaya Kidz Educare Center, 5 Grandiflora Street, Dunoon
Funds received: R135,000.00
Donation-in-kind value: R120,000.00
Total Project Cost: R255,000.00
Alphabetical donor list: see page 3

Nuxola Vivian Dlabantu of Masikhululeke, a kindergarten we upgraded in Joe Slovo, introduced me in 2010 to Zukiswa Siyongwana, a retired high school teacher, who was starting a crèche for 50 children in Dunoon, an extremely impoverished and crime-ridden informal settlement north of Cape Town.
After months of canvassing, the project kicked off in November 2011 with five donations totaling
R19,000.00 in lieu of wedding gifts by Mr and Mrs Cacciato, Canada
R15,000.00 from N Tubb of the Hendrickse Foundation, Canada
£500 from the Lions Club of Worcester, UK
EU500 from the Lennestadt Lions Club, Germany
R11,500 – a 2nd donation from N Tubb, Hendrickse Foundation.

To provide a basic habitable environment, electricity was installed, 2 junior toilets, a hand wash basin, a sink and running water in what was to become the kitchen. As the children had been sitting on the cold cement floor, we bought 12 junior tables, 50 chairs, also sleeping mats and fleece material to make blankets.
A 2nd donation of £500 donation from the Worcester Lions Club enabled us to fix, we thought, the badly leaking roof (in retrospect a waste of money), fit interior and exterior doors and windows, and engage a Dunoon builder to pull down half built walls, remove rubble, to plaster, fit ceiling boards and insulation, and level the rough concrete floors.
The purchase of building material was made possible by a generous donation from Schenck Process Control Germany (EU2,500) and South Africa (R10,000), of 1,5 metric tons cement by PPC, of R2000 worth of ceiling insulation by Isotherm, and huge discounts (2 tipper loads of building sand, rafters, hardware etc) by Cashbuild.

070-729-NPO / PBO 930032438
Rocky Wright Liz Houston MJ Moran
C: 084 533 8258 C: 082 924 4084 C: 079 541 8036
E: E: E:
Table View Lions, Suite 500, Private Bag X3, Bloubergrant, 7443
Exterior and interior building work completed, PPC management and staff painted the crèche on Mandela Day in 2012. I had mixed together 75 x 1 liter tins of different PVA pastel colours, donation value R4,500 by Plascon, to uniform creams, light blues, light greens and pinks. PPC and Build it each donated 25 lt white paint. But as we were admiring the finished work, the paint literally ran off the walls: extreme damp. Damp experts established the water content in walls and cement floors to be as high as 80%.
A new zinc roof was inevitable, plus waterproof plaster to seal the porous, single hollow brick outside walls. Foundations being practically non-existent, a reinforcing cement slab around the entire perimeter was necessary. The crèche was also flooded when it rained as the gutterless flat roof of the neighbor’s house sloped down into the narrow passage. Drainage and a roof between the buildings had to be erected. PPC stepped in again with R25,000 plus ½ ton free cement, the Frankenthal Lions with EU300, Active Roofing with discounts, and so far, 8 months later despite a wet Cape Town winter, the crèche is leak free.
We could now buy and fit kitchen furniture, storage cupboards, shelves and a refrigerator.
Kalley Flooring sponsored matching off cuts of h.d. hospital floor covering at 20% of the normal price, laid and welded it at cost. PPC donated and fitted fluorescent light fittings, curtain and towel rails.
With donations of A$1000 from the Mt Eliza Lions/Australia, EU500 from the Kelkheim Lions/Germany and EU225 from Mr and Mrs Vogt/Germany, we were able to buy educational toys, also thanks to discounts from Plasticland, skirting boards, a security door, more shelves, and all bits and pieces still needed.
In-kind-help also came from many other sources. To name but a few, East Rand Fire
Extinguishers donated fire extinguishers and fire blankets through Centa Atlas, BMW and Southern Productions paint, a door, food and hands-on labor, and the response by Table View residents to adverts was overwhelming with donations of playground equipment, a sick bed and other items too numerous to mention.
The Ekhaya Educare Center was nominated already a model of the “Early Childhood
Development Program”, a program supported by the Dept. of Social Development with whom Ekhaya is registered.
A record of funds received and disbursed is attached. R1,200.00 has to be allocated still and the balance of R4,000 is retained for an excursion at Christmas.
We attempted to capture the process from start to finish in a video (see, which we trust will show how well the funds have been invested.
Gisela Weitz
Project Coordinator Table View Lions Club
30 June 2013
Rocky Wright Liz Houston MJ Moran
C: 084 533 8258 C: 082 924 4084 C: 079 541 8036
E: E: E:
Table View Lions, Suite 500, Private Bag X3, Bloubergrant, 7443
Alphabetical donor list:
Active Roofing
Cacciato Mr & Mrs., Canada
Centa Fire
East Rand Fire Extinguishers
Frankenthal Lions Club
Hendrickse Foundation, Canada
Kalley Flooring
Kelkheim Lions Club, Germany
Lennestadt Lions Club, Germany
Mount Eliza Lions Club, Australia
Schenk Process, Germany and South Africa
Vogt Mr & Mrs, Germany

Worcester Lions Club, UK

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Have a look Please Neil

If you are reading this blog ... please have a look at this project idea ...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DuNoon Project

Dear Diane and dear Neil

Apologies for the long silence, you have most certainly not been forgotten! But I just didn’t have news on progress with Ekhaya, the crèche in Dunoon, which we wanted to build with your donations (Neil, Dunoon is even poorer than Vivian’s Joe Slovo settlement!).

We now have enough funds to go ahead with this US$ 11.000 project!!! We have already supplied chairs, tables, mattresses and blankets for 40 kids, installed child toilets and basins, running water in the kitchen, repaired the roof ($ 2,500), and I have just ordered the first half of the building material. We found a parent, an unemployed Zimbabwean builder, who asked $ 1,000 to do the rest of the building work.
You probably got some of the photos already, but here is more.

I am so excited! It is a great miracle how the funds and donations all of a sudden materialised.

083 556 9818

Friday, December 30, 2011

DuNoon ZA

It is in here someplace where the new project with the Creche is happening ... Not will happen but Happening ... that makes my heart glow ... I be a very happy camper with this thought in the back of my mind

A Letter from Cape Town

Dear Neil

Apologies if I was unfocused on Christmas Eve when you called. Nadia with partner had arrived from Rwanda just before and my son Lawrence's totally unexpected arrival, flying in from Uganda at about the same time, just threw me. It was a real emotional time because I hardly every get to have all three children together anymore. AND I was putting the final touches to a huge Christmas Eve dinner (you probably know Christmas Eve is a big evening for Europeans). Therefore please forgive me for babbling.
How is your Mom? I wish her speedy recovery so you two can enjoy the last days of 2011 and start the New Year happily together!!

Our Treasurer phoned today, the money (R 11,400) has already arrived! Thank you so much for this unexpected donation!

I already told you that, with Vivian's support we are helping with the development of a new crèche for very, very poor children from Dunoon, to get registered and subsidised by Social Development. We already put in junior toilets, electricity, running water, and for Christmas I bought chairs and tables (see photos attached) so the children don't have to sit on the ground any longer. In the new year we want to get estimates for plastering, ceilings, flooring, food bowls and mattresses for the children etc etc. Your money together with some money from a German company will now make it possible! Thank you, Neil.

Wishing you and your Mom a happier time and health and enjoyment for 2012

Much love

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Please have a look at this


If you click on the above  ... this will take you right into the main part of the Creche ... at Vivian's School  ... you can see for yourself what she is doing there and the kids get to speak for themselves

the money we raise goes to help support Vivian ... this is what she does with our support ... best to all Neil

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gift From Nick and Diane

Diane and Nick Cacciato

On Monday 15th of August ... Nick and Diane came down to Victoria from Duncan and they brought with them 2500 dollars from their wedding gifts ... this culminates a years efforts to on both Diane's and Nick's part ...  

We transferred $2674.00 to the Lions Club of Table View... and that converts to something in the order of 18,000 plus Rand ... It is Diane and Nick's gift to South Africa ... to the Lions Club of Table View and the work they do ... I am very proud of of both their efforts to raise these dollars and the efforts of the people in Cape Town to do the work they do ... with the kids ...
Here is where we collected the money
When there are people like Diane and Nick and the Members of the Lions Club who take the time to both understand a childs' predicament and then are willing to do something about it ... that is spirit in action ...

Many years ago I made a promise to a man who took the time to stop and help me ... when no one else would. I asked him how could I express my thanks for what he did, he said pass it on. So I have endeavoured to keep my promise over the years. 

Diane and Nick have both received the benefit of my promise and his actions and now they are passing it on too ... that makes my heart a warm place to be.  ndt Aug 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Diane and Nick Had a Wedding in Canada

Out door chapel
Diane and Nick were married on 31 July 2011.  Diane has been helping with Project Hope since we got this thing started away back when  ... Her efforts with the kids at her high school has raised money for this project over the course of the passed several years ... She and Nick decided that inleu of gifts at their wedding they would accept money for the Lions Club/Project Hope in South Africa ... they raised just over 2,000 dollars at their wedding ... here are some pictures from the wedding:

She set up a place for donations in the hall and people donated ... sounds so simple and it is ...
The Painting by Silken Laumann
Strange concept but it works ... create the opportunity and people will follow through ...

These two people through their generosity raised over $2000 cdn dollars for the project ... Thank You ... From the bottom of our hearts thank you

Saturday, April 30, 2011

If You Can Guess the Number of Candies in This Jar

The Jar of Candies : 746 is or was the magic number

and Diane is supposed to send me the details on the the winner etc ...

Emails post from SA

Dear Neil


I saw Vivian before Easter to bring 400 Easter eggs to the children.

The Department of Education has now registered her center as a Grade R school which means it pays one teacher and contributes towards the upkeep of the classroom (the new wing) and educational material.

And the Dept of Social Development has increased the grant from R45 to R112 per day for about 60% of the smaller children..It will also supply new educational pre-school material. This now takes care of the teachers salary, food and upkeep - Vivian is now well on the way, and she deserves it!

However, we Lions are now looking for a new pre-school project to put on its feet. There are many kindergardens like Vivian's struggling along!.


Our computer room can only take 28 children (half a class) but with 6 new prefab classrooms we will be able to use one for a full-size computer room. We are waiting for the requirements/specifications from the NGO appointed by the Dept. of Education so that we can obtain quotations. We estimate it will take us 1-2 years to raise the necessary funds.


As you know it's Easter school holidays and there is nothing we could have done until schools reopen on 11 April. But rest assured, we will get working on it then!

Hope you are feeling somewhat better? I have had the most hectic 2 months behind me. My Easter holiday bookings were quite good and kept me going but the big workload was the beautiful house you liked so much, down the road from where you stayed. A pipe burst in the upstairs bathroom and flooded all 3 storeys. I had to organise the purchase of new floor coverings and furniture, receive deliveries, supervise laborers etc etc. Guess it'll take another 3 weeks to finish.

Best regards


cell 083 556 9818

Tel/Fax 021 557 8288

Thursday, March 3, 2011

If You Can Guess the Number of Candies in This Jar

You win a small prize
It costs a quarter to guess
The money goes to the Kids
Stelly's School are getting into the Swing of Things

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trans Atlantic and Cross Continental Chatter: A Plan is in the Works

Dear Fraser and Gisela ...

Fraser I would like to introduce you to my Friend and contemporary who runs things in South Africa ... Gisela is the lady who is at the pointy end of the stick in ZA and it is through her and the Lions Club's efforts that everything works.  She and her crew make things work at her end of the universe...

I talked about her at the class on Monday ... Gisela I would like you to me Fraser Syme ... Fraser teaches at Stelly’s and one of his programs is the World’s Initiative program. Fraser has taken grade 12 grad classes of kids all around the world to do projects ... He has what he called a seed class ... a grade 10 who are now in the process of deciding what they would want to do in their grad year ... Grade 12 ... they might come and do a project ... this is still in the discussion phase ... but if they and you can grasp the concept and plan then I think miracles can happen ... remembering that miracles are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less ...

I think that the two of you have tons to talk about ... what and who you are and how you each do things ... it would be good to open up discussion to see if this is possible ...

This whole thing just seems to be something that could work ... so the door is open ... Neil ...

Fraser I will be there a week Monday for another class then as I understand it we can meet at noon and discuss this is more detail ... NDT ...

Bright Star Canada
Neil Douglas-Tubb (rcc)
349 Vancouver Street
Victoria BC
250 385 3181
Hendrickse Foundation
Project Hope South Africa

From: Gisela Weitz []

Sent: February-15-11 7:14 AM

To: Neil Tubb

Subject: Re: Inspiration-

Hello Neil

It was so refreshing to read about new support!

Gisela and Principal

Kids in Class

New Portable in Background and storage

Class in the Portable

Over there is where the soccer pitch is to be ...

 The Vissershok School, Grade R to Grade 7, is probably the ideal project for Stelly's High. Thursday evening I will be giving a presentation (new computer room) to the Governing Body and I shall now also put the Stelly's planned project on the table for input.

Let's work out a great project!

Many thanks, hugs - Gisela

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inter Continental Chat Traffic ... Cape Town-Victoria

Dear Neil

The damage done to these children (soldiers) ! A really pertinent human rights cause. It needs the combined force of the entire international community to perhaps make a difference but even then, to control such exploitation in distant, unknown areas is a sheer impossibility.

I don't know what I am doing wrong but my daily schedule seems to get longer and longer, and time to attend to it shorter and shorter. Still, l now switch off my computer over the weekend!

The Vissershok School's volunteer IT teachers have resigned. With 5 new prefab classrooms added to the school, we hope get 12 more second-hand PCs and money for new electrics, cabling and software, so that we can move the computer room into one of the old big classrooms and teach a whole class. With only 14 computers at the moment, the classes have to be split which necessitates an IT teacher and a classroom teacher.We had a good turnover this Saturday and Sunday selling hamburgers and hotdogs at the Killarney race track, maybe that's a start.

Best regards


cell 083 556 9818

Tel/Fax 021 557 8288.
Dear G:
Well I appreciate the frustration ... we have as of today about 90 dollars in the bank ... I cleaned it out before xmas and sent a batch of 1000 then 700 and change ... I was supposed to go to speak to a crew of students this morning but came down with a stomach flu that brought everything to a stop ... nearly ... if you know what I mean ...
So if I get this straight the computer volunteer teachers have quit ... but progress is being made at Vissershok school ... added class rooms etc ... and you guys did a bbq as a fund raiser ....
Speaking of fund raisers ... I was on the ferry on the weekend... and met an old client... actually not aged but from a number of years ago ... she has volunteered to do burlesque ... old style ... 9 (nine) comedy and dancing routines to raise money for us ...
So I suggest you put it to the (male) members of the club first ... smile ...
combat fighting in africa
long running civil wars child soldiers
Can you develop for me information on your first paragraph ... I am sure there are people here in Victoria who will get on that and can be used as fund raiser ... we have kids here is some of the schools who were members of child armies were rescued can't go home so they are here being fosterd and educated ... question how many of the kids from your para one do you have in your proximity ...

Can I get more pics of Vissershok school and the progress ... last I have is the bulldozer moving dirt .... question how many of the kids from your para one do you have in your proximity ...

I told someone one time ... “you should see all the stuff God puts on my calendar ... and he said he wanted to see my calendar because he had never seen God’s handwriting before.” Smile ... there is so much to do and so little time to do it ... Will have to speak to the Space Agency to get the CIA to over fly Vissershok school and have new photos for google map ... think I stand a chance smile ...

Would like to explore this para one stuff with you ... and

Then also be able to up date Vissershok School things and identify it more clearly on the blog or separate it off  to a blog of its own ... and me just thinking out loud ... if we did that and got a following then the kids to make contributions ... anything from art to ideas for the future ... hummm there is a idea taking shape ... I have to go ... literally to appointment ... and stop at Pharmacy from stuff for flu ...

love and hugs from the other end of the earth ...


Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Most Important Thing(s)

I Have Learned So Far

The most important thing I have learned in doing my life and paying attention as I did it is:

When I come to the edge of my known universe, when I come to the end of where the light shines for me. It is from this point on that I have to be a risk taker. It’s when I have to go blindly off into something or someplace I have never seen or been before. Of course the alternative is possible. I can shrink away from moving forward—I can shrink away from exploring God’s Gift.

What I have discovered is: when I step off into my darkness and it is the darkness of my unknown, it is then that I grow. It is then that I come to know. It is then that I notice the light.

This happened for me truly for the first time when I went to South Africa ... oh I thought I had other experiences that were risk taking ... but my experience with the kids, and Vivian, and Vissershok school opened me to a thing; an experience that truly placed me somewhere where I could see my world differently. 
Once it is experienced ... seen ... differently  ... then it all changes ... it can't be reset once you know ... this is not about what I am seeing ... this is about how I am looking... this is where I saw spirit at work ... Vivian ... Gisela ... The Teachers at Vissershok School ... Darla ... and her children ... Joanne and her Idea ... Cleone and her help and her ideas ... to all those people who just paused for a moment or a week or a life time to risk, to take the time and do what needs to be done ... really ...
I have been lucky in my life ... some who know my story, might not say so ... but I am ... everything I have experienced has coupled together to allow me to see life differently and here is the important part ... when I notice a "lack" I have the choice now to do something about it ... sometimes it does not seem like much ... and sometimes it seems mountainous ... but it is just what I can do to fill the "lack" ...   Neil

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Neil and Diane We had A Xmas Party

The party was a big success. Very few of the children had ever seen a jumping castle, the little ones were even afraid of it at first and the older, braver children had to show them what one does with it. It was also a huge attraction for the Joe Slovo community - adults and children were queuing outside the gate to watch this colourful novelty, a first in the township! The noise, the laughter. And it was amazing to watch how the bigger ones helped the younger ones off when they started crying as play was getting too rough.

We then had a puppet show. Arthur, an ex-Lion, brought his two black and yellow crows, and he and Ronnie had the children in stitches with the crows stealing Arthur's wig and Ronnie's hat, talking, kissing and 'biting' everything and everyone.

Then came Father Christmas and brought each of the 88 children a soft, cuddly toy and a Christmas cracker, also something few children knew. The two teachers were thrilled with their Christmas bonuses, thank you Neil and Diane! My jeweller donated a stunning wrist watch which we presented to Vivian

Lunch was followed by huge blueberry ice cream tarts. I thought some of the children were going to be sick from all the food but they managed. They were exhausted from all the excitement and were already asleep when we started cleaning up.

It was a very rewarding day. To see the joy and the fun these children had was very special.

Thank you all!

Best regards


cell 083 556 9818

Tel/Fax 021 557 8288 .

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Help is just a teapot away for South Africa's Poor ...

By Erin Cardone - Saanich News ...

Published: December 05, 2010 1:00 PM
Updated: December 05, 2010 1:05 PM

Its handle is gone, its spout chipped.

But what Neil Douglas-Tubb has accomplished with his teapot has turned around the lives of hundreds of South African children, and won him a prestigious award in the process.

“It still brings tears to my eyes,” he said of the recent honour. “I wasn’t doing that for this.”

The privilege of receiving the Louis Volks Humanitarian award has never before gone outside South Africa, or the Lions Club.

But what truly touches this Victoria resident is when his teapot is brimming with loose change and bills.

“I think I’ve depleted every penny (jar) from here to wherever,” smiled Douglas-Tubb.

When he tops $1,000, it’s transferred to the Table View Lions Club in Cape Town. Upwards of $4,000 is sent every year to the South African service club.

The fundraising efforts have helped a rural elementary school there, and a daycare that sees the poorest of the poor come through its doors.

“There’s a saying that if you’ve been to Africa once and never been back, then you’ve never been to Africa,” he said. “I’ve been back, and I think I’ve been smitten.”

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Transferred this am 1000. Cdn ... to the club account

Thank you and everyone behind you for all your hard work! It is absolutely wonderful to have this support from far across the ocean. We had the opening ceremony at Vivian's school on Thursday (new wing and walls) attended by the Mayor of Cape Town, and I was very proud mentioning you all, our big international sponsors, in my speech.

The Mayor was very impressed with what private initiative has achieved at Masikhululeke and with the pride and spirit of the community around Vivian. He said government alone was unable to provide and in particular to maintain facilities, it has been proven that this only works when there is a partnership with the private sector and the community. He brought up the example of Gugulethu, a shack settlement like Masikhululeke's, where residents were up in arms about poor service delivery by local government. He reminded them of what the city had done for them over the last two years, all of which had been neglected, vandalised or destroyed. They did not take personal responsibility for improvements they were given, but that the Masikhululeke project gives him hope.

R500 of your new donation will be used as a bonus for two of Vivian's dedicated teachers. With a salary of $250 pm this will be a great Xmas present for them! The balance will be split to (a) top up the funds we need for the Christmas party on 10 December and (b) fit new colourful tops, backs and legs to the 2nd hand cabinets, a recent donation, which now replace the horrible crates that had been used as room dividers. The cabinets serve also as storage for the educational toys and equipment.

Please thank everybody for this wonderful Christmas present for Vivian and the children!

Best regards


cell 083 556 9818

Tel/Fax 021 557 8288

----- Original Message -----

From: Neil Tubb
To: Gisela
Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 9:25 PM
Subject: Money Enroute
Transferred this am 1000. Cdn ... to the club account ... should be there in
2 or 3 business days ... Hugs to all ... Neil

Bright Star Canada
Neil Douglas-Tubb (rcc)
349 Vancouver Street
Victoria BC
250 385 3181
Hendrickse Foundation
Project Hope South Africa

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Dr Louis Volks Humanitarian Award --- Sept 30/2010

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 I sent this out via email:

I would like to announce that I have been awarded the Louis Volks Humanitarian Award ... I quote from the award document ... “This is the highest award that can be given to an individual who exemplifies outstanding humanitarian service.”

This was presented to me (via courier) by the Table View Lions Club of Cape Town South Africa ... This award came my way because of the support that we here in Canada and the USA garnered ... in dollars mainly ... to support the Lions Club Projects’ at or near Cape Town in South Africa...

This is not something that I did ... this is something that happened because of people like you who simply supported a good idea when they saw one ... we had pennies from heaven ... and I think we cleaned out decades old penny jars for miles around ... there is a tea pot campaign ... in several locations around town and every now and then ... the proprietors would bring in the contents and off it goes to South Africa ... Special thanks to Terry Cielak and Ron Kirkaldy for their efforts here ... Stelly’s High School and Ms Hayashi and her crew at the school banded together and embraced the idea and got themselves busy and raise over $700.00 ... to Ramona Elke in Mission and her crew of kids ... To Ms Cathy Clarke Smith in Arlington Washington and her crew in Middle school ... they “bake-saled” up the dollars for us ... There were several contributors whose contributions where in the hundreds of Dollars ... thanks Mike ... Collin ... David ... Silken ... and Dianna P who brought in the largest penny jar I had ever seen ... full ... to Adianne and her kids who rolled the pennies ... and rolled and rolled the pennies ... there were others ....

To all the people who spent time and effort just thinking on what to do next ... Special thanks to Silken Laumann ... who gave good guidance about “Don’t re-invent the wheel Neil alien yourself with someone who has a track record and work with them.” To Kim Van Brugen who took the time from her busy schedule to write and re write some of the stuff I was trying to put together.

To Lynn McCaughie for her time effort and encouragement ... there are many others ... but know this if you received this email you are on the good guy thank you list ... and I thank you ...

To My High School buddies Al and Dave who gave the first two donations ... and they were probably wondering ... what the heck is he up to now??? Smile

Donations came in from as far away as both London Ontario ... thanks Bob ... and London England ... thanks Alexia ... It was and is a word of mouth idea of people helping other people to create an opportunity to get on with having the life they were meant to have ...

This whole thing of the award came as a complete surprise ... and totally unexpected ... God Bless you all and thank you ...

Neil Tubb
Bright Star Canada
349 Vancouver Street
Victoria BC V8V 3T3
(250) 385 3181
New Blog:
Hendrickes Foundation
Project Hope South Africa

Table View Lions Club (Cape Town)
District 410A
Western Cape,
Republic of South Africa

Dear Neil

Thank You ...

Hope this letter finds you well.

On behalf of the members and partners of our club, we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks for your continued support and generous monetary donations towards the Vissershok Primary School.

Your commitment to assist the youth is greatly appreciated and it has made a difference in the lives of the 400 scholars.

We couldn’t think of a better way to acknowledge and thank you so we are enclosing a “Louis Volks Award” and unique pin to show our appreciation. This is the highest award that can be given to an individual who exemplifies outstanding humanitarian service (especially over international waters). This prestigious award was named in honour of the founder of Lionism in Southern Africa, Dr Louis Volks.

Congratulations from all of us and well done.

We look forward to many years of mutual service to mankind.

Kind regards

President John Houston                           Governor Gisela Weitz

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Success Has a Nice Flavour

The Fence you helped make

The Room that was Added

Smile is a Universal Language All Its Own